How do you choose the right bell?

We help our clients in the selection of a right bell with many years of experience.

When placing an order, it is important to specify:   
  •  What is the state of the belfry 
  •  Are there any other bells in the parish?
  •  In what artistic and historical context should the bell be

It's important to realize that even if the bell sounds beautiful on its own, it does not necessarily mean that it will sound great with other bells.
We help you choose the bell so that it will fit in with the existing set of bells, we advise solutions in the field of decorations and finishes as well. 

Do I have to have a ready project?

At the price of the bell we offer a full range of services, including advice and design of ornaments and reliefs by a professional sculptor, which are created according to the client's guidelines (photos, drawings, suggestions). On request, we also make project visualizations.

Which set of bells to choose?

 Our foundry has its own harmonic sets of bells: two-, three-, four- and five-note. If the parish has a bell (one or more), we help you choose the right weight and key, so that it sounds beautiful with the rest.
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What is delivery time?

The duration of the bell should be about 3 months. Depending on the number of orders and the size of the bell, this period may change, about which the customer is informed during the order

What is the warranty on the bell?

 We provide a 40-year warranty on the bell
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