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Bell construction

The form of church bells has remained unchanged for many centuries.

Individual copies vary in size. In our foundry, we cast bells from 25 kg to over 5 tonnes.

The most important element of the bell's construction is its heart - its shape and its placement is essential for producing the correct sound. Even a small error in the design may cause a bell break or other damage.

The elements from which the bell is made are: mouths, lips, bead line, waist, shoulder, head, crown. Inside the bell is its heart (clapper).

Bell Foundry, Marek Kawiński

About bells. Materials.


The material used for casting bells is bronze. It is made of a copper and tin alloy.

The quality of material used to make the bell casting determines its durability and sound quality

We use an alloy of copper and tin in the ratio of 78:22 in our foundry

Copper and tin in the ratio of 78:22

Bell Foundry, Marek Kawiński