Bell finish

We believe that together we create aesthetic and musical works of art that will stay with people forever, that's why we take the utmost care so that the church bells given to our clients are beautiful in both visual and musical terms..



Covered with patina

The upper and lower parts of the bell are polished to a high gloss. The remaining surfaces are gently coated with a patina, which gives the effect of matt darkening. Letters, ornaments and rivets remain in gloss.


The upper and lower parts of the bell are polished to a high gloss.The remaining blackened surface is a special coating, ensuring high contrast and legibility of the bell.



Bell Foundry, Marek Kawiński

Reliefs / ornaments

The details of paintings and ornaments should be delicate and at the same time expressive that the content that flows from the bell is legible. On request, we provide our own rich base of ornaments and base of reliefs made by an artist sculptor.

There is a possibility of designing any form or ornament based on photos or drawings.

Iconography applied on the bell should be clear, legible, devoid of unnecessary decorations.

The thickness of individual elements should not be more than a few millimeters to not affect

sound quality. That is why it is very important to keep the balance between the content you want to include on the surface of the bell and the quality of the sound.





Inscriptions on bells

Below we provide sample content posted on church bells. It is important that their number is adapted to the size of the bell so that it is not overloaded with content. It should also be remembered that the number of decorations affects the sound of the bell.



Bell Foundry, Marek Kawiński